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What is an Au Pair Plus?

To be an au pair plus is just like being an au pair, but you’ll work more hours and make more money. You have to be an EU citizen to work as an au pair plus in the UK.

An au pair plus is aged between 17 and 27 and provides childcare in exchange for living with a family abroad. Au pairs usually come to England to gain a greater understanding of English, and to experience a new culture. If you’re happy to work for more hours and to earn more money, you could consider becoming an au pair plus. As an au pair you’ll be treated as part of the family; you’ll eat with the family and have your own bedroom. You are not a trained nanny, and not a domestic servant or housekeeper but your duties can vary depending on what the family requires. Depending on your working hours you are likely to do more housekeeping and/or do longer morning / afternoon shifts.

Au pair plus’ duties

An au pair’s duties vary but your main job is helping with the children. This includes taking them to and from school, babysitting, preparing breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner as well as playing and organising activities and play dates. You’re also required to do light housework such as ironing, dusting, vaccuming, washing up etc. Some families want you to do all the cleaning and some require none. An au pair plus will have more duties upon agreement with the family. You will be treated as part of the family and will be expected to help with everyday chores like emptying washing machine and hanging laundry, just like you would in your own house.

Working hours and pocket money

As an au pair plus, you can work 26-38 hours a week, as well as 1-2 (max 3) evenings babysitting. Pocket money ranges from £90 for 30 hours, £100 for 35 hours to £110 for 38 hours. You will not get paid extra for babysitting. You are considered to be working if you are required to be available and are not free to leave the house even if you are not actively working, for example if the children are in bed asleep. All live-in au pairs get their own bedroom and free food.

Live-out au pairs get paid by the hour, typically £7-8 per hour.

Holiday and time off

You will get 2 full days off per week. On weekdays most au pairs do a morning shift and then have some hours free before the afternoon shift. You are entitled to 4 weeks’ paid holiday every for 12 months’ employment, upon agreement with the family. You should also have all public holidays off. If your host family go away and leave you in the house, you must be left an adequate food allowance or enough food, and be paid as usual.

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